Meet Jeff Jones

Jeffery Jones for Broward County Commissioner, District 6

Serve to Change, Lead with Integrity, Value All Voices

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I have been serving my community nearly 22 years by being a voice and advocate for those in the labor force. Now I want to do the same for everyone so I am running for Broward County Commissioner in District 6.

Mr. Jeffery “Jeff” Jones was “born” and grew up in the city of Hallandale as the youngest of 12 with his mother and father. As a little boy he loved school and dreamed of playing basketball day and night. All he wanted was to grow up and make a lot of money so his parents could be “happy”. He adamantly expressed he did not want to be a roofer, which was the only occupation he had exposure to during his formative years. Since he did not have any access or saw any representation of individuals that look like him in the business, medical, and education industries, he pledged to himself that he would be the change he wanted to see. Although there were several barriers that made his plight difficult, it was not attainable. He was determined to continue his education and excel in sports which motivated him to attend college. He would eventually become a successful international businessman.

Mr. Jeffery Jones, is a proven freight and logistics professional and industry leader and founder of Seaport Transportation Services, LLC dba STS Logistics (STS), a specialized freight forwarding service in 2014. With nearly 22 years of in-depth experience and deep insights into marine logistics, he provides sound judgment and decision making. In addition to his career accomplishments, Mr. Jones served 3 consecutive years on the Executive Board of the International Longshoreman Association. Currently, he possesses more than 8 different licenses and certifications related to federal maritime regulations, aviation, logistics, equipment, material, and cargo handling. Recently, Mr. Jones became President of U.S. Minority Contractors (USMCA) Miami chapter.

Through his personal and professional journeys, Mr. Jeffery Jones is a proven leader who provides strategic leadership to establish long-term goals, strategies, plans, policies and procedures.

Pillars of Progress #1


Half of Broward County residents do not make enough to meet their basic needs (food, housing, healthcare, transportation).
(Source: United Way of Broward County)

I believe constituents need support and resources to meet their basic needs

Jeff's Plan:

  1. Connection to job training and placement programs.
  2. Expansion of Workforce Development
  3. Creation of Culturally Responsive Financial Literacy education.
  4. Access to affordable childcare
  5. Collaborative plan to increase minimum wage and provide cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) for certain sectors

Pillars of Progress #2


24% of Broward county residents are 60+

I feel seniors need easily accessible resources, support, care and comfort to lead a healthy life without worries and anxiety.

Jeff's Plan:

  1. Increase the number of Adult Day Care Centers.
  2. Expand access to nutritious food.
  3. Provide connection to programming to enhance physical, mental and emotional health.
  4. Create opportunities for intergenerational interactions through volunteering.
  5. Develop financial literacy and planning programs.

Pillars of Progress #3


According to the National Education Association, "Parent, family, and community involvement in education correlates with higher academic performance and school improvement”.

I will support interventions that allow for parent, family, and community involvement in education

Jeff's Plan:
  1. Create community-based education collaboratives.
  2. Develop volunteer training and advocacy programs for parents and community members.
  3. Invest in innovative literacy efforts.

Pillars of Progress #4


I hold true that neighborhoods provide a dynamic network of connections and relationships that impact the life experiences of its residents.

I will support interventions that allow for parent, family, and community involvement in education

Jeff's Plan:
  1. Develop and support initiatives that create mutually respectful relationships between law enforcement and community members.
  2. Curate community conversation hubs.
  3. Create and implement culturally responsive environmental educational programs.